What's A Whole Food Drink?

Whole Food Drinks are exactly that – Food that you Drink. It’s simply real, raw, whole Fruits, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds that are all deliciously blended together. It’s NOT a Juice (sugary water without the fiber), it’s the WHOLE food, including the best part – the peels, pulp, seeds – everything. Perfect for any meal or a snack, including breakfast, lunch or dinner and quite possibly… the healthiest food on earth!!

Perfect Food for… Whole Body Health
Perfect Food for… Natural Energy
Perfect Food for… Weight Loss
Perfect Food for… On-the-Go Meals

“The perfect amount of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and especially Fiber.”

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Everyone knows the best part of a potato is the skin. Same goes with all your favorite fruits, the super-healthy part is quite often the peels, skins, rinds or husks. Only humans throw the best part away – not anymore!!


You get 100% Real, Raw, Whole Fruits, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds straight from nature – and absolutely NO animal products. Our drinks contain no preservatives, no additives, no added sugar – just great food.


Our drinks are formulated by closely mimicking the super healthy diet of our closest living relatives. By following our original, natural diet - we believe it’s exactly what our bodies were designed to eat.


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Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. We love the planet as much as you do, therefore we’re doing our part to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist in harmony to support present and future generations.

    Foods from trees and plants require far
    less water than products which are made from animals

    All vegetation naturally filters out harmful pollutants in the air and creates oxygen for us to breathe

    Plants produce far more food per acre than animal agriculture and without all the waste from livestock

    Using only land-based plants has a very minimal impact on our vast oceans, reefs, and all sea life

    Utilizing the entire fruit means less food needs to be grown, transported, packaged, sold, etc
  • Healthcare

    Consuming a diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, helps keep our minds and bodies in a healthy state and less likely to require trips to the doctor, lengthy hospital stays and financial burdens

Wendi Blum Author, Speaker, Coach

I am most passionate about making health a #1 priority and these food drinks are a conscious decision to take ownership of your overall health and destiny.

Becca Tebon Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach

I believe in prevention and sharing simple choices that create a stronger, healthier overall well-being and it doesn’t get any easier than LovePlantz.

Dr Alvin Berger PhD, MS, Adjunct Professor

I serve as an advisor to LovePlantz because I strongly support the concepts and scientific foundations of the products.


For 99% of human existence, we have thrived by eating our natural diet of mostly Fruits and Leaves

“Diet-related” illnesses and diseases make up approx 95% of all health issues… so if we simply eat the correct diet, could we prevent and cure virtually all known illnesses and diseases that affect the entire human race?

For example, if animals in nature do not develop “diet-related” illnesses and diseases such as, Heart Attacks, Cancers, Strokes, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Mental Illnesses, as well as, Obesity and hundreds of other “diet-related” illnesses and diseases that humans develop… is it because they instinctively eat the diet that was specifically designed for their species?

If so, then according to our closest living relatives, Chimps, who are 99% genetically and biologically like humans, but who have virtually perfect health… could we prevent and cure virtually all known illnesses and diseases, by simply eating our natural diet of mostly fruits and leaves (lettuce)?

Not so long ago, I was overweight, my back hurt, and my energy level was at an all-time low. I needed to drop the extra pounds and get my health back, so I began looking into nutrition. Then one day, I had a life changing ah-ha moment and started to put 2 & 2 together. Now after years of personal research, I have discovered something that I believe can change the world. Here’s my story…

One day while eating lunch, with my overweight friend, in a restaurant loaded with overweight people, wondering why we were all overweight, I noticed out the window, about a hundred black birds resting on some power lines. Shortly later a Harley-Davidson drove by, and all the birds quickly flew away and I thought, how could that be – every single one of those birds were in perfect shape and seemed to be in perfect health and certainly had no problem getting up and moving in a hurry – which was literally the exact opposite inside the restaurant.

Then I realized that every bird I’ve seen, every fish I’ve seen, every squirrel I’ve seen – just about every single animal that I’ve ever seen in nature (without any human interference) is always in perfect shape and in perfect health. Think about that – there are over 1-million different species of animals on this earth and humans are the only ones that are littered with obesity, illness and chronic diseases, and sadly, now our cats & dogs are just as sick as we are. And the answer is quite simple, we’ve been misinformed to what we should be eating – It’s The Food!!

That day, I began researching our closest living relatives, Chimpanzees, who are almost 99% like us, and quickly realized, they virtually never get overweight or sick – NO Heart Attacks, NO Strokes, NO Cancers, NO Diabetes, NO Alzheimer’s, NO Parkinson’s, NO Arthritis, NO Headaches, NO ADD, NO Depression and 1,000’s of other illnesses and diseases that affect humans, including obesity. Scientific data from many leading primatologists and anthropologists clearly show that humans and chimps have nearly the same digestive systems and immune systems, which made me think, we should be eating the same foods.

So, monkey-see monkey-do, I gradually adopted my version of our (their) natural diet of mostly Fruits and Leaves (lettuce/salads) by closely following their caloric intake of each food group, and adapting it to me, a human. I simply converted their (our) diet into one that can easily coincide with modern living – eating mostly mono-meals of fruit before noon and big salads later in the day. However, my business or personal schedule quite often didn’t allow me to “eat naturally” so I began “blending” (not juicing) the same foods – the entire food, the whole food, everything including the ultra-healthy peels, pulp and seeds, which have now become LovePlantz Food Drinks.

By mimicking our natural diet, I strongly feel that you will end up with everything you need, the perfect amount of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and especially Fiber… so you can live with a lean body, a strong mind, and as vibrant as a teenager your entire life, and quite possibly – never get sick. This is why I believe that our drinks are ‘perfect human food’.

Wishing you perfect health, Scott Joseph – LovePlantz, Founder